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WYATT - Wyatt is Cora's doper ex from way back. This part is definitely a scene stealer in the right hands, and very key to the story and climax. Wyatt is greasy and                           despicable. A big fish in a tiny trailer park.  

               AGE RANGE: He is in his mid-late 30's, and we bounce back 13 years to his 20's. But, like Cora, his using adds some years at both ends. 

                 RACE: Honestly, we picture Wyatt to be white trash. But, if that's not you and you have an interesting take, please surprise us! 

               SHOOTING DAYS: Approximately 1 week. 

CORA - Cora is our lead. It's a demanding part, requiring an epic range of emotion & humanity. She is a recovering addict, broken, but not weak. 

              AGE RANGE: Her 5-year-old child went missing 13 years prior, and we will be visiting both time periods. So you will be required to play 20's - 30's. But keep in                    mind, she is an addict in her 20's, so she looks a bit rough.​ 

                RACE:No preference. 

                SHOOTING DAYS: Approximately 3 weeks.

Best of luck!

We sincerely hope you kill it.

We are currently accepting recorded auditions for our feature horror film project, GONE. Learn about the film on our IN DEVELOPMENT page. ​ 

Character descriptions are outlined below. If you believe you are right for one of the parts, please reach out via our CONTACT page and we will forward you sides. 

Submit any time between now and SEPTEMBER 25th. Video must be uploaded to a private Youtube or Vimeo link. No public links, please. 

This production is classified as ultra low budget by SAG, so both union and non-union actors are invited to submit.

Unless otherwise negotiated, these parts will pay scale plus travel & expenses. We are hoping to shoot in Dec/Jan, but that's tentative. 

Should you be cast, you will be working with a professional crew of experienced industry professionals. The project also enjoys the benefit of already having a 

an amazing distributor lined up who released our previous feature theatrically, and then got it sold to Netflix. 

We are a passionate, professional and well connected group, and this is a very powerful story with rich and memorable characters that will demand a lot of you, but will also very much allow you to shine. So, we sincerely thank you for your desire to be part of this project and we can't wait to make some badass art with you!